Tattoo Shirt Cont.


Got the wings on. c:  I’m very pleased with how the shirt’s turning out.  I have, so far, tribal wings on the back, my logo on the right sleeve on the shoulder, “GRAPHIC DESIGN ROCKS” on the inside right cuff, and a “devil horns” graphic on the bottom front tail of the shirt.  My teacher also gave permission for us to plot out more decals to print on our own shirts.  SO EXCITED.  My shirt is going to be COVERED in designs.


Tattoo Shirt


Recently I’ve acquired a long-sleeved button-down black and red plaid shirt with a hood.  Yesterday, I decided that it is going to be proclaimed my “tattoo shirt”.  How I came to this conclusion, is my Graphic Design instructor was doing a demo on how to heat-press decals onto shirts and had an extra design.  Naturally, I snatched it right up.  It was of the rock symbol or “devil horns” and beneath it, it said “Graphic Design Rocks” in all caps.  I put the “devil horns” on the front bottom corner of the shirt and the words on the inside of the cuff of the right sleeve.  My friend Patrick will possibly be plotting out a tweaked version of his decal which will be a pair of tribal wings that I’m going to put on the back of the shirt.  I’m also going to press my logo onto the shoulder of it.  Over the years, I’m just going to keep adding designs to the shirt like one would collect tattoos.  c:  I think it’s going to turn out swell.



So this year in PBL, I’m going to be competing in both Desktop Publishing and Website Design.  My friend Patrick is going to be my partner in both of the competitions, and I’m really hoping we do well.  I think he’s definitely got the stuff to be a very good designer, and we’re both fairly good at doing code for websites.  I believe it’s going to be a successful year.  Aimin’ for Nationals, Baby!  Fourth place or up!

Business Cards


Business Cards

I attended the Peter Anderson Festival of Art this weekend and collected quite a few business cards! (Some of which I will DEFINITELY work on improving at some later point in life when I have nothing to do.) A lot of them were plain or just…really bad-looking. Simple is good, but plain…not so much. Some just had a really difficult-to read font over top of a full-blown image. It just…no. Just no. Others were really awesome. I particularly enjoy the tattoo artist cards–the three brown cards that kind of have the same theme in the photo–and the “King’s gallery” one isn’t bad either. However, the orange and yellow one in the corner…meh. Yes, it grabs attention, but it’s terribly difficult to read and it’s just a photo and some (badly-styled) text. Not really all that much to look at. It’d be easy to change for the better.

I’ve Been Noticing…


Lately I’ve found myself noticing little things about ads or printed graphic items that people really shouldn’t care all that much about.  For example, the way the spacing in one word or between two letters is kerned can throw off a whole production.  It can make it unappealing and hard to look at.  

I’ve also come to realize that I despise the design aspect of creating a website.  I absolutely love designing print publications and vinyl decals and tee-shirts, and I absolutely love coding (though I can get aggravated at it more often than not), but I hate when I have to design a web page.  It just doesn’t sit well with me.  Perhaps it’s the functionality and interaction of it all?  I’ve no clue.  I just know I don’t like it.  I also don’t particularly enjoy video production.  I like still pictures and simple animations.  They’re more enjoyable to create.


Recently I discovered a site named  On the site, you have the ability to create your own fabric, decals, wallpaper and gift wrap.  They’re fairly cheap, and you have almost unlimited ability to create on there.  The one thing I thought was interesting is that you can order a $1.00–no taxes or shipping, just $1.00–square of fabric that has 171 colours and their hexidecimal number on it.  I have one hanging on my wall right now.  I thought it was pretty cool.  You can also order a $1.00 sample pack of a square swatch of each fabric spoonflower has to offer.  You should check it out!

Make It Bigger – Paula Scher


Make It Bigger

Make It Bigger by Paula Scher

This is a book that basically outlines Paula Scher’s life and history of her career transformation.  It’s a witty read that has plenty of very useful diagrams and samples of work that she has collected over the years, as well as a good bit of her own work.  It is a great read for any graphics nerds out there that like to see how others made it in the business of design.



Directory of Illustration #29 published by Serbin Communications

This book is an amazing source for inspiration for any artist or designer.  It is full of nothing but illustrations of all shapes and sizes from logos to full-blown drawings and paintings.  I find myself occasionally going back through and looking at everything and finding cool little details that I missed or completely over-looked.  There is a website called that you can go to to browse any new illustrations, their products, and this book right here digitally!  I urge that if you’re in an artistic funk, artblocked, or even possibly looking for an illustrator, to take a gander through these 631 pages of delightful artwork and see if you can find anything that will be a solution to your problem!